ESP8266 Weather Station: New Version Released

While I have a few days off I found some time to finally get a consistent set of libraries for the WeatherStation together and fix a few things. Here is a summary of the changes…

Weather Station as a library

Most important change from my point of view is that you can now install the Weather Station with the Arduino IDE library manager (or at least you will be able once this request has been completed: The reason for this change is that I always saw the WeatherStation as something that should be changed and adapted in the hands of you. The classes that fetch the data from Wunderground, Thingspeak and such are the static part here. The main class is more something like a demo, a starting point which you should extend to your needs. I also hope that other people will write more Data Fetcher classes. If you do, let me know and I can either include it in the library or list your library as a ThirdParty extension.


With the ThingspeakClient you can display the last data you have posted with another node to Thingspeak. I use a ClimateNode to collect temperature and humidity on my balcony. Every 10 minutes the WeatherStation will the fetch the last data set from Thingspeak and display it.
Use the ClimateNode to display outdoor temperature and humidity
on your WeatherStation

Improvements in SSD1306 library

Fabrice Weinberg helped me a lot by refactoring the hole SSD1306 OLED display library. You have now more options for the carousel view. You can for instance choose the direction of the slider, the position of the indicators and you get information in the drawFrame methods about the current state of the animation. Thank you Fabrice!

Progress Bar & Minor Fixes

I added a progress bar which will be displayed when the various sources will be updated from the web. The old Wifi Connection Spinner is also back in a new costume…
Progress Bar while updating internet resources
I could eliminate many issues that caused instability. I’m running now a test to see wether I could fetch all of them. Please let me know if your WeatherStation crashes from time to time, so I can fix it.


Please make sure that you are using Arduino IDE 1.6.5. The newer versions 1.6.6 and 1.6.7 cause currently trouble together with the ESP8266 platform. For detailed installation instructions please visit
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