ESP8266 Project Preview: FairyBox – The Kid & Parent Friendly Wifi Controllable MP3 Player

This is a quick preview of my next ESP8266 project in the pipeline: The FairyBox. Planned features:

(Planned) Features

  • Simple song selection with big buttons: button 1 selects folder one, first song, press button 1 again and it jumps to second song in folder 1.
  • Web interface where parents can 
    • control volume (limit) to protect hearing, 
    • skip super annoying songs remotely (important!)
    • set daily maximum playtime
    • see usage statistics;-)
  • Super crispy OLED display showing 
    • current song
    • playtime
    • volume, 
    • image per folder or song
    • weather information;-)
    • night light (a star for night time, a sun for daytime to let the kid know wether it is time to get up)
  • Powered by rechargeable LiPo power pack

Current State

After setting up everything on a prototyping board I continued to soldering everything together on a prototyping PCB and all the components seem to work together perfectly. I can already play one song per button from the SD card, volume of the tiny loudspeaker is perfectly sufficient. Especially new to me was to use the ADC and some resistors to “multiplex” the six buttons into just one input pin.

Remaining Work

Not just winter is coming but also christmas and the FairyBox is supposed to be a christmas present for my daughter. So, for a “production” ready FairyBox I still need a lot of programming and also to put the hardware in a nice casing that deserves the name FairyBox. BTW: the price for the hardware components is in the sub USD $30 area so far! Stay tuned!

FairyBox Breadboard Setup
Prototype setup: it works! Now “just” programming required
and casing
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