ESP8266 Feature Preview: More Fonts for the Weather Station!

I’m working on a new version of the Weather Station code. The first shot was the jason-streaming-parser library which allows me to fetch bigger objects directly from the source without the need of an proxy PHP script.
The next step is to add more features to the display library. One is to allow more fonts and sizes. The current version only has one font and two sizes. For this I wrote a little Java program which converts any given TrueType font into a bitmap font readable by the display library. In the example below you see the Stencil Std font. Looks pretty, isn’t?
What features are you missing on the WeatherStation? Write a tweet or a comment to this post and share your thoughts!

Thanks again to @mikerankin for sending me his beautiful ESP-01 based “one-board” display! You can find the layout for his PCB here:

Preview of the new display library for ESP8266 and SSD1306 based
OLED library. Stencil font displayed on @mikerankin ‘s board creation

By the way, the WeatherStation Kit is available at the shop:

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