ESP8266 Weather Display: Featured on Lifehacker and by Adafruit!

It is Sunday morning and I’m laying in bed and reading the news. Then there is a article on which shows the following picture:

Adafruit Weather Station Display based on my code

And I thought that looks exactly like my weather station code for the ESP8266! Following the link to Adafruit reveals that they built a kit based on my code. They also didn’t forget a reference to the github project which contains the weather station code. Thanks Adafruit!

Fun fact is that the code went full circle: I tried for a long time to make  Adafruit’s GFX library for the OLED display work with the ESP8266 but just didn’t succeed. Then I decided to write a library myself and now they are using my code in one of their projects. That’s the beauty of open source software!

By the way, the WeatherStation Kit is available at the shop:

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