ESP8266, ThirsDee: 3D printed casing arrived

This was my first take ever at designing something for a 3D printer. Since I didn’t have a 3D printer available with a big enough printing area I ordered it online at And only a few days after my order I received a nice little package from France today. Tada, the cover for Thirsdee, the intelligent plant helper! As you can see from the fotos, the load cell fits nicely onto the box inside. There is even enough space for an ESP8266, the HX711 and maybe even a LiPo. The capacity of that LiPo is pretty small…

Read more about Thirsdee here…

Thirsdee top and bottom case parts combined by the load cell

The load cell attached to the top part of the casing,
together with the ESP8266, HX711 and a 730mAh LiPo.
Now I need just some solering time;-)

The 3D models on

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