ESP8266 contribution from Zurich to #FIFAgate: At least data is not corrupt!

I recently discovered the Node Red tool and almost immediately fell in love. I was about to write something like that myself when I found out about it and so far it does everything the way I would expect it: you could call it if-this-than-that for your home automation/internet of things projects.

I needed a high activity Twitter hash tag. What could be more
active today than #FIFAgate?

My first little project was to pass on a twitter feed through MQTT to a NodeMCU ESP8266 module with an attached OLED display. It was super easy and even more versatile than I expected. I can now shift away the logic from the ESPs which are always short on RAM to the central node running on a Raspberry Pi. The stream can then easily be setup in the browser. As soon as you press “deploy” the changes will become visible on the OLED display.

The twitter flow: get the tweets from twitter, beautify them a little
throttle the news feed to not overload the ESP and send them to the
ESP over MQTT.
The data flow: Twitter, Node Red, NodeMCU (Lua), Oled display

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