New Feature: Copy items to another feed

Since feederator is only a free time project, it takes time to implement all the features that I want feederator to have. I’m stealing here a bit of time, there using a gap between coming home from work and dinner. The guys over at lifehacker recently wrote a nice article about this productivity technique and it works just like that for me. But now, let’s get to the point.

The slogan of feederator promises “mix your own feed”. The mixing part of that slogan wasn’t available to the open audience – until now!
If you want to move an item from one feed to another, you can do so by clicking through to the items detail description (select a feed, then click on the title of a feed item). There you now find a list box labeled with “Copy item to:”. The list box contains all your feeds. So, select the feed that you want to copy the current item to and click on the “Copy” button. If this copy action was successful, you well be redirected to the destination feed and the copied item will at or near to the top of that feed. Simple as that!

What do you think about this feature? Do you like it?

BTW: There’s another improvement. I replaced the annoying message dialog for errors with a box above the item list. It will only be displayed if an error occurred and you can hide it if you want by clicking on “close”.

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