A word about Feederator…

Did you ever want to control which items of a (RSS) feed should be used by your consumer and which should be ignored? Feederator helps you to organize your feeds, filter specific items or even mix two feeds together to a new one. If not never felt the need for Feederator here’s an example:

On your 24/7 running server at home you have a podcast downloader running. You subscribed to this cool video podcast but you don’t want to download all the shows on this feed. What you really want is an easy way to control what the podcast consumer downloads, even from your iPhone. So you
1) go to Feederator.org and login
2) Under “User Settings” you change the nickname. The nickname will be part of your new feed
3) In the “MyFeeds” section you press the plus icon and create a new feed. You can choose, if certain items should be filtered with a regular expressions. You can also choose, if new items should be published immediately
4) After setting up the feed you can look at the items. The icon on the right of the item title shows, if the item is currently published: if the icon is gray it is not part of your feed. If it is orange it is published
5) Now you can check details of this item. There’s also an option to lookup additional information on Google or other databases
6) To see your feed in action, go up to the “MyFeeds” section and click on the RSS icon with the magnifying glass. This will open the feed
7) Now point your podcast downloader to this new URL and voila: you can control from work what the downloader at home will have ready for you at night, when you come home…

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Some notes:
– Currently your feeds will be updated every 30 minutes
– The number of subscribers to your feed will only be updated every two hours

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