weather station

ESP8266 Weather Station: New Version Released

While I have a few days off I found some time to finally get a consistent set of libraries for the WeatherStation together and fix a few things. Here is a [...]

ESP8266 Weather Station Preview Video

The Weather Station code comes with a clock, current conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure and precipitation, as well as a  3 day weather [...]

ESP8266 Feature Preview: More Fonts for the Weather Station!

I'm working on a new version of the Weather Station code. The first shot was the jason-streaming-parser library which allows me to fetch bigger objects [...]

ESP8266 Weather Display: Featured on Lifehacker and by Adafruit!

It is Sunday morning and I'm laying in bed and reading the news. Then there is a article on which shows the following picture: Adafruit [...]

Register now: The WeatherStation Kit is coming!

I'm very happy to announce that I could find a supplier who will ship all the parts that you need to get started with the WeatherStation. No more worries to [...]

ESP8266: Weather Station V2 Code published

This is a total make over of the earlier weather station. Instead of building my code on the NodeMCU lua firmware I decided to switch to the Arduino IDE [...]

#ESP8266: Open-Source Designer Advice wanted for the weather station!

So, all the major technical challenges have been resolved. But now the fine tuning begins. Anyone with a graphical eye in the audience to give advice? How to [...]

#ESP8266: Improving the WeatherStation Display

These tiny OLED displays are cool, but they are also... well... tiny. To get the most of the screen real estate I started working on a little framework that [...]

ESP8266: 3D printed case for the weather station project

You just got to love open source! Some guys wrote a firmware for an exciting little chip (ESP8266), based on an open sourced SDK: the NodeMCU lua firmware was [...]

ESP8266 Projects: Internet Connected WeatherStation with beautiful icons

Since I learned how to create pictures and display them on these wonderful OLED displays I wanted to build something useful with it. Once you know about [...]