ESP8266 based Plane Spotter – How To

When I sit at my living room table I can see wonderful big airplanes in the final approach to Zurich (ZRH) airport or ascending to a far destination: Airbus [...]

ESP8266: Flight-O-Matic

Preview for my augmented reality project: A RaspberryPi with SDR-RTL dongle picks up signals from airplanes in my relative neighbourhood. When an airplane [...]

RTL-SDR: Tracking airplanes for $16

In my last post I showed you how you can run a software defined radio easily on a Mac OS X Yosemite. In just a few more steps you can also track [...]

RTL-SDR: Quick Guide to Software Defined Radio on Mac OS X Yosemite

Today another little package from China waited in my inbox: a DVB-T+FM Tuner. So far not that exciting. Except that this package for $10.99 is capable of [...]