OLED display

ESP8266 Oled Display library: How to customize fonts

Many people were asking me to publish the code that creates the font files used in the SSD1306 OLED library. Well, I was hesitating since the code was a bit [...]

ESP8266 OLED display library release

Recently I released a new version of the esp8266-oled-ssd1306 library. This library allows you to control these wonderful little displays from a ESP8266 [...]

#ESP8266: Open-Source Designer Advice wanted for the weather station!

So, all the major technical challenges have been resolved. But now the fine tuning begins. Anyone with a graphical eye in the audience to give advice? How to [...]

#ESP8266: Improving the WeatherStation Display

These tiny OLED displays are cool, but they are also... well... tiny. To get the most of the screen real estate I started working on a little framework that [...]

ESP8266 contribution from Zurich to #FIFAgate: At least data is not corrupt!

I recently discovered the Node Red tool and almost immediately fell in love. I was about to write something like that myself when I found out about it and so [...]