Google App Engine

Continuous Deployment from Github to App Engine Java with CodeShip

Motivation Continuous Deployment is nice: you roll out new versions of your software all the time and not only three, four times a year with your mayor [...]

Live reload with appengine-maven-plugin

Google's appengine-maven-plugin is cool. Especially for deploying your app to the cloud. But for developing it can be cumbersome, since the hot deploy [...]

Exporting your App Engine Data with a Sitemap of Sitemaps

Currently there are about 200'000 archived items available in the Feederator database. In the hope to attract more traffic I wanted to make this data available [...]

Speeding up data store queries with self-merge joins

For a while now Feederator allows some kind of full text queries. When items are read for the first time into the datastore an index will be created. This [...]

Sending XMPP messages from Google App Engine with html

Since this took me a while to figure out I'd like to share with you. I wanted to extend Feederator to send incoming news items to the users XMPP client. What [...]

How to delete index on App Engine for Java

At the time of this writing there is no function to delete (unused) your datastore indexes directly with the Java tool set. But there is a way around: the [...]