Feederator, Kindle and PDF

I'm using Feederator myself to send interesting posts to my Kindle to read it later. To do this you can simple drill into the detail view of a post. There [...]

Plenty of new tricks for Feederator

This weekend Feederator learned a lot of new tricks. In my opinion the coolest new thing is that Feederator adds a lot of additional data to each post. You get [...]

New Features: Searching the archive

I'm trying to improve Feederator.org. Sometimes changes are rather invisible to the end user. Sometimes new features extend the use of feederator rather [...]

Combine Feederator and Sabnzbd+ to a One-Click-Download tool

Sabnzbd+ is a great tool if you are riding the usenet wave. Feederator on the other hand is a great tool to manage and moderate (RSS) feeds. This post will [...]