Month: July 2015

WeatherStation Kit – Complete Setup Guide Ready

While the first WeatherStation Kits are just about to reach their eager recipients I was working hard to create a complete and hopefully beginner friendly [...]

Choosing the right Electronics Shop

In the last couple of months I could collect some experience in where to buy the electronic components I use in my projects. Since in most cases I don't care [...]

ESP8266: R.I.P. Long Term Data Logger after almost 3 months.

Yesterday evening the ESP8266 the data logger connected for the last time to Thingspeak and posted temperature and humidity. It has reported these values [...]

ESP8266, ThirsDee: 3D printed casing arrived

This was my first take ever at designing something for a 3D printer. Since I didn't have a 3D printer available with a big enough printing area I ordered it [...]

WeatherStation Kit ready for your order

Great news! My supplier in China has finally sourced all the components that come with the WeatherStation Kit and I'm ready to take your orders. For a [...]