ESP8266: Meet Thirsdee, the Intelligent Plant Helper!

It’s amazing what you can do with just a few components: a load cell, a high gain analog-to-digtal converter and a NodeMCU module. You can for instance measure the water consumption of your dear plants. If you combine the previous mentioned components with a OLED display you can even visualize the current water level in the plant pot. And if the level reaches a critical low you can have it send an alarm message to your cellphone. Now connect everything and give it a name: Thirsdee is born!

Thirsdee showing the current amount of water stored in the
pot and the plant.
Thirsdee’s complete setup from left to right:
XIAOMI 10400mAh Power Back, OLED display, HX711 ADC,
NodeMCU V1.0, Load Cell with Acryl plates and of course: the plant
Oh no! Thirsdee is out Water…

One problem is the calibration. How do you know how what the “full” weight of the plant plus pot is, how about the empty wait. Of course, you could wait until the plant turns to dust but then it might be too late to water it;-).

Update: 3D printed casing arrived!

Read more about the casing here…


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