Month: June 2015

ESP8266: Wifi data logger already running for more than 2 months on batteries!

More than 1440 hours or in other words 60 days ago I put 3 AA batteries from IKEA in the battery box of the ESP8266 test board and started a program that [...]

ESP8266: Meet Thirsdee, the Intelligent Plant Helper!

It's amazing what you can do with just a few components: a load cell, a high gain analog-to-digtal converter and a NodeMCU module. You can for instance [...]

ESP8266: Calibrating the Wifi Scale With Temperature Compensation

In my last post I talked about my self made scale. There are plenty of applications for a sensor that can sense the weight of things. But I guess the scale [...]

ESP8266: DIY Wifi Kitchen Scale

This week I finally received all the necessary pieces to build a internet connected kitchen scale. The ingredients are: a load cell (Wikipedia), a high [...]

Register now: The WeatherStation Kit is coming!

I'm very happy to announce that I could find a supplier who will ship all the parts that you need to get started with the WeatherStation. No more worries to [...]

ESP8266: NodeMCU Dev Kit V1.0 Review

This post is due for a while now but I had so much fun actually using the NodeMCU that I totally forgot (or postponed) to write a review about it. So, let's [...]

ESP8266: Weather Station V2 Code published

This is a total make over of the earlier weather station. Instead of building my code on the NodeMCU lua firmware I decided to switch to the Arduino IDE [...]

#ESP8266: Open-Source Designer Advice wanted for the weather station!

So, all the major technical challenges have been resolved. But now the fine tuning begins. Anyone with a graphical eye in the audience to give advice? How to [...]

#ESP8266: Improving the WeatherStation Display

These tiny OLED displays are cool, but they are also... well... tiny. To get the most of the screen real estate I started working on a little framework that [...]

#EPS8266: long term data logger update: 31 days!

My long term logger test is already running more than 31 days or at the time of writing 750 hours! My pessimistic guess was that the device running from 3 AA [...]