ESP8266: Long Term Data Logger Test with Batteries

Today I started a (hopefully) long term battery test with the ESP8266 board I reviewed here. The conditions are:

  • powered by 3 AA batteries (serial)
  • every 10 minutes update temperature and humidity retrieved from a DHT11 to thingspeak
  • go the deep sleep between the posts
The test board comes with a light resistor and several LEDs of which one is a RGB led. For some reason I couldn’t turn them off completely so I just chopped them off. Before the surgical change the board consumed 1.3mA in deep sleep mode. After only 130µA. This is still almost factor two away of the 67µA I read somewhere in the web, but not bad for starters. With this the board could theoretically survive more than two years in permanent deep sleep. This experiment will show how much the wake-ups costs and if theory es even close to reality. 


The Test Setup: all LEDs removed
from the board to save energy
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