Month: May 2015

ESP8266 contribution from Zurich to #FIFAgate: At least data is not corrupt!

I recently discovered the Node Red tool and almost immediately fell in love. I was about to write something like that myself when I found out about it and so [...]

ESP8266 Projects: Internet Connected WeatherStation with beautiful icons

Since I learned how to create pictures and display them on these wonderful OLED displays I wanted to build something useful with it. Once you know about [...]

ESP8266, NodeMCU: how to create xbm images for displaying on OLED 128×64 I2C Displays

Do you know these wonderfully cheap SSD1306 based OLED displays with the crispy display? For a while now the NodeMCU Lua firmware for the ESP8266 supports [...]

ESP8266: NodeMCU V1.0 part created for Fritzing

Fritzing is a nice tool to quickly draw up your breadboard circuits. From there you can easily and for a competitive price order PCBs. But Fritzing is only [...]

ESP8266: NodeMCU Custom Build

My colleague Marcel recently developed a web based tool that lets you choose the modules which will be compiled into the NodeMCU build. This saves you the [...]

ESP8266: flashing NodeMCU V1.0 on Mac OS X (or ESP8266 ESP-12E in general?)

A few days ago a package arrived from SeeedStudio: the new NodeMCU board V1.0 (see picture) The NodeMCU V1.0 (picture from here) On paper it has some nice [...]

ESP8266: Flight-O-Matic

Preview for my augmented reality project: A RaspberryPi with SDR-RTL dongle picks up signals from airplanes in my relative neighbourhood. When an airplane [...]

ESP8266: Long Term Data Logger Test with Batteries

Today I started a (hopefully) long term battery test with the ESP8266 board I reviewed here. The conditions are: powered by 3 AA batteries (serial) every [...]