Month: January 2015

ESP8266: How to get started – What hardware you’ll need

In this post I want to show you what hardware you'll need in order to get started with the ESP8266. In the post I assume that you have no hardware yet at all. [...]

Oled 128×64 SSD1306 display & Arduino – How to get started

Today I received one of those super cheap Oled displays which I bought on Banggood and it was hard to find one single source of help for this tiny display. [...]

ESP8266: Test board review

Recently a test board for the ESP8266 ESP-12 arrived. I ordered it on AliExpress and took several weeks to arrive. Since the description was really [...]

ESP8266: using Docker to setup the build tool chain the easy way

When you get started with wonderful world of the ESP8266 your first step might have been to play around with the AT command firmware. Then you might have [...]

ESP8266 with web update: NodeLua, a like ESP8266 firmware

The ESP8266 chip is really something: cheap and with its Wifi interface capable for Internet-of-Things tasks. You can get boards on Aliexpress for as little [...]

ESP8266: a good power supply is essential

While playing with the ESP8266-ESP01 board I had a lot of problems with random reboots. I had used the 3.3V power supply of my Seeeduino and apparently it [...]